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Work at Home – Do Something Different

Let’s Work at Home Instead

It may be that when you think in terms of expanding your efforts to earn extra money from home, that you only consider opportunities in the same genre as the ones you already have.  This has its good points organizationally and logically – it will also help you as you won’t need to  duplicate your efforts across the board.

However, it may also be a good idea to do something totally different that doesn’t fit together with anything you are already doing. This could be fun and offer some variety for you.  For example say your home business is one that is centered around affiliate marketing programs. One way to expand might be to offer services for affiliates and to help them promote their business, such as list builders, solo ads, etc. This fits easily into your existing portfolio.

However wouldn’t it be fun to take up a craft that involves your hobbies or interests? For example have you always wanted to try your hand at making something like natural soaps and candles, or baking? This could be fun and may also become another source of income.  A business based on arts and crafts is a lot more labor intensive than Internet marketing; but remember it is for fun and variety as well as extra income eventually.

Don’t do it unless you think it would be fun, as if not you may see it as one-too-many- things to do. You may be surprised that even when someone is totally focused to one thing, that you will find people that are more than willing to change the subject. They may actually be tickled by finding something they want out of the clear blue sky.


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One example is a gas station where obviously selling gas is the primary source of income. Usually gas stations have mini-marts where you can buy convenience items while you are there. These mini marts are a good little source of extra income.

However, this could go farther, possibly if the owners for example also make some delicious home-made fried chicken to sell to their customers.  Nobody would be expecting this in a gas station or mini-mart and therefore it has some attraction as a novelty.

You can see how this could go on and on and eventually the gas station becomes incidental to all the other things that were added.

In my experience, even if related to your original concept, try and limit yourself to about three related concepts and do them well.  It will pay you handsomely.