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Working at Home Is Information Really Power?

Working at Home– Is Information Really Power?

Yes, information is power but only if you use the information to do something with it.  Just having knowledge while good, does not really do much to help anyone. There are many people that never feel they know enough to actually do something with what they have learned.  They just keep reading and learning and never get off the dime.

This can be referred to as paralysis by analysis for one thing.  What is needed here is a great big dose of self-confidence to feel that you are worthy to take what you have learned and do something useful with it. One of the ways that I’ve found to do this effectively is by using a mentor or by subscribing to programs that have already proved themselves to be effective. This is just so you can believe that you have valuable information and that you do understand it well enough to share it in some way.

There may be other factors at play when someone just can’t get past the learning curve, other than lack of self-confidence. It may be a mechanism that you employ purposely (albeit perhaps subconsciously) to keep you from having to take the next step in your progression.  Maybe you really don’t want a commitment like a home business?

You find it intriguing to think about but when you actually think it is time to get started developing your business, spending money and time, you will always find some other reason that you can’t move forward. In this way it remains a possibility, but you will never have to find out whether you would have succeeded or failed.

One thing that may be helpful in moving past your dilemma (after you admit you have a problem), would be to write things down. They say you are much more likely to actually do something if you write it down and read it periodically. Don’t just read it, actually meditate on it for a few minutes. What does this involve if I actually do something? What would it be like to have a business running at home? Who are some of the people that could benefit if I share what I have learned with them?

While you would think someone with a bank of information may make a great teacher and could start a team that would collaborate to build something, it would also be perfectly acceptable to just use the information to do your own thing. The point is to Just do it.

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Follow The Leader

Find a Mentor

I have been lucky enough over the years to have had good, and great, mentors.  Some of them have been teachers.  The first memory I have is of my third grade teacher at St. Marys Grade School in Elm Grove, Wisconsin.  Mrs. Turner had a lasting impression on me and instilling curiosity and the desire to seek information on my own.  That has persisted to this day.  I evaluate, critically, everything from business to people.  That is a good thing as there is a lot of superfluous and superficial things out there that appear good at first glance but on close evaluation are fluff and appearance without substance.

Another teacher with something to remember and apply was Father Forey, S.J. at Marquette HS in Milwaukee.  I’ll always remember his expression, “Zero, Ping” which meant that you didn’t present or research convincingly enough to make the grade.  Do the work, put in the time and your best effort and the results are yours.  You deserve what you get or your getting zero, nada, zip!

In business, I’ve been blessed enough with great mentors, too.  In 1993, I learned about people like Napoleon Hill, Steven Covey, John Maxwell and others.  I read and evaluated Og Mandino books.  All of their teachings are timeless and available to those that I hope to mentor.

My Role as Mentor and Coach

To expose my training, to those I share with, is important. To succeed in this world will require all the same principals.  Dream, do, and teach.  That is my mission for others. I will use the technology of today to teach the principles of the past.

Continue Seeking Wisdom

There are some teachers and trainers that are significant in my life currently.  My business coach, Mark Januszewski, is willing to share with you as he has with me.  Next month he is directing the Master Key Master Mind Alliance and I encourage you all to evaluate and participate.  The experience will change your mind, propel your business, and put you into a leadership role to pass the wisdom on to generations to come.

Success Magazine

Yesterday I was listening to the bonus CD that comes with my subscription to Success magazine. There was a great interview with Seth Godin, the marketing guru, who was asked by Darren Hardy a question about the one thing that people can do to move forward in their quest for success and excellence. That one thing was to create a blog if you don’t have one, and blog daily.
Well, I have a blog, but haven’t been using it so beginning today…I BLOG DAILY!

Yesterday was interesting in that Diego and I participated in an animated discussion about the differences between network marketing and conventional marketing with an experienced and dynamic gentleman in Bogota. Our discussion was joined by Glade Poulsen. The conventional marketing company spends on advertising in press and on multimedia advertising and the network marketing companies take that money and incentivize the distributor workforce in the form of bonuses. Those who develop and train their team to market effectively earn the bigger bonuses. So my friends, learn how to lead and train your team to excel in their knowledge and skills in building networks. I’ve been most impressed with what I’ve learned in go90grow.com from Mark J. “the worlds’ laziest networker” http://worldslaziestnetworker.com/

Good starting place for any networker. Learn the free skills and signup for his weekly tips.