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Work at Home – Do Something Different

Let’s Work at Home Instead

It may be that when you think in terms of expanding your efforts to earn extra money from home, that you only consider opportunities in the same genre as the ones you already have.  This has its good points organizationally and logically – it will also help you as you won’t need to  duplicate your efforts across the board.

However, it may also be a good idea to do something totally different that doesn’t fit together with anything you are already doing. This could be fun and offer some variety for you.  For example say your home business is one that is centered around affiliate marketing programs. One way to expand might be to offer services for affiliates and to help them promote their business, such as list builders, solo ads, etc. This fits easily into your existing portfolio.

However wouldn’t it be fun to take up a craft that involves your hobbies or interests? For example have you always wanted to try your hand at making something like natural soaps and candles, or baking? This could be fun and may also become another source of income.  A business based on arts and crafts is a lot more labor intensive than Internet marketing; but remember it is for fun and variety as well as extra income eventually.

Don’t do it unless you think it would be fun, as if not you may see it as one-too-many- things to do. You may be surprised that even when someone is totally focused to one thing, that you will find people that are more than willing to change the subject. They may actually be tickled by finding something they want out of the clear blue sky.


Turn Your Hobby Into a Work at Home Job

One example is a gas station where obviously selling gas is the primary source of income. Usually gas stations have mini-marts where you can buy convenience items while you are there. These mini marts are a good little source of extra income.

However, this could go farther, possibly if the owners for example also make some delicious home-made fried chicken to sell to their customers.  Nobody would be expecting this in a gas station or mini-mart and therefore it has some attraction as a novelty.

You can see how this could go on and on and eventually the gas station becomes incidental to all the other things that were added.

In my experience, even if related to your original concept, try and limit yourself to about three related concepts and do them well.  It will pay you handsomely.

What do you see in Costa Rica?

Common question for me when I tell people that I would love to live there.  What do I see in Costa Rica?   Well, let me tell you…

It’s the beauty of the place for starters.  Volcanic mountains with some activity like Hawaii.  It’s beautiful beaches like most caribbean islands.  It’s tranquility.  It’s happiness.  It’s adventure!

I’m hardly an expert on the place and I have a tendency to be impulsive but a ten year plus history of saying that someday I would like to live there is hardly impulsive.  I’ve been there.  I’ve looked at real estate in different provinces.  My preference is the mountainous northern Pacific area, although some friends recently stayed in the Manuel Antonio area in Puntarenas.  I haven’t seen that area yet, so it’s next. manuel antonio[ Photo by: D.Convertini]

Currently, I am vicariously enjoying a book by Nadine Hays Pisani that could my eye in the Amazon Books site:  Happier Than A Billionaire: Quitting My Job, Moving to Costa Rica, and Living the Zero Hour Work Week

This is the first book in the series and I fully intend to do more than just show you pictures of pretty beaches over the next few blog posts.

I also want to explain why I’m learning internet commerce and creating multiple streams of income.  There are some residency requirements involving income in order to live there and I don’t speak enough Spanish to pass their medical boards.  Although, this too might change.  I currently think that I may wish a brick and mortar business related to health care or lifestyle improvement, but you never know until you actual get both feet in the water (or sand) and just do it.

Stay tuned and like and comment.  Appreciate suggestions too.


Follow The Leader

Find a Mentor

I have been lucky enough over the years to have had good, and great, mentors.  Some of them have been teachers.  The first memory I have is of my third grade teacher at St. Marys Grade School in Elm Grove, Wisconsin.  Mrs. Turner had a lasting impression on me and instilling curiosity and the desire to seek information on my own.  That has persisted to this day.  I evaluate, critically, everything from business to people.  That is a good thing as there is a lot of superfluous and superficial things out there that appear good at first glance but on close evaluation are fluff and appearance without substance.

Another teacher with something to remember and apply was Father Forey, S.J. at Marquette HS in Milwaukee.  I’ll always remember his expression, “Zero, Ping” which meant that you didn’t present or research convincingly enough to make the grade.  Do the work, put in the time and your best effort and the results are yours.  You deserve what you get or your getting zero, nada, zip!

In business, I’ve been blessed enough with great mentors, too.  In 1993, I learned about people like Napoleon Hill, Steven Covey, John Maxwell and others.  I read and evaluated Og Mandino books.  All of their teachings are timeless and available to those that I hope to mentor.

My Role as Mentor and Coach

To expose my training, to those I share with, is important. To succeed in this world will require all the same principals.  Dream, do, and teach.  That is my mission for others. I will use the technology of today to teach the principles of the past.

Continue Seeking Wisdom

There are some teachers and trainers that are significant in my life currently.  My business coach, Mark Januszewski, is willing to share with you as he has with me.  Next month he is directing the Master Key Master Mind Alliance and I encourage you all to evaluate and participate.  The experience will change your mind, propel your business, and put you into a leadership role to pass the wisdom on to generations to come.

A New Perspective

Whether it’s how you look at yourself in the mirror, or how another perceives your attempt to help them from making what you consider a mistake, the need to set back and examine oneself can be beneficial.
Recently, both examples have happened to me. In the mirror, I’m seeing very positive results from the program. Down 33 pounds and feeling great about my physical appearance has come into conflict with a recent attempt to point out a possible red flag in another’s approach to network marketing. He rightly pointed out that what I did was challenge his attempt at due diligence and this was perceived badly. He and I both share a lot in common. Flying. A belief in God. A history with Amway. A recognition of the power of network marketing. The banter back and forth became personal and unproductive. For this I’m sorry. Nonetheless, it also was similar to looking in the mirror and learning to accept things for what they are and being willing to change the things that only you have control of…that is yourself. Myself.
Please accept my very public apology for what was a very personal wrong.

Colombian People

Having had the recent opportunity to meet a number of Colombian people here in this area, I have been refreshed by the contrast to our own “lazy” Americans. I would take a Colombian business partner over the average American in a heartbeat, not only because they used their ambition and desire for betterment to get here in the first place, but because they see the big picture, are willing to look at almost anything, and make up their own minds instead of listening to their friends and family, the Constantly Negative News media and others who pull them back into the gutter.
I welcome the privilege of working again in Colombia. Thank you.