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Steering My Own Ship

Sailing Is One of Don Ketterhagen's Passions

One of my most exciting memories is standing by the captain of a 12 meter yacht, the Stars and Stripes, a magnificent boat that had actually won an America’s Cup race, as we made the decisions whether to tack or not at any given moment.  The wind in my face, I was thrilled to play a yeoman’s part as our small crew cleaned the clock of our competitors and won the race.  This one wasn’t the America’s Cup, but it might as well have been as far as I was concerned.  Seldom if ever had I felt the same sense of transcendent exaltation and freedom as on that day.

Not that my life has been without its other joys and achievements.  I am 61 years old, and most of my adult life I have been an obstetrician/gynecologist.  I chose this métier primarily because intellectually I was fascinated at an early age with embryology, with life’s beginnings, and emotionally I was drawn to the satisfactions attendant upon one of the happiest circumstances of life, the birth of a child.  I got to know and build relationships with my patients over a ten-month period.  A believer in the holistic practice of medicine,  I and my nurse midwives delivered over 4,000 babies before I retired, including a thousand outside of a hospital, in a free-standing birth center.


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