Health Technology and Longevity

Technology and Your Health

Fun things that I have been doing lately always seem to involve either health technologies that I never knew about when I went to medical school.  For example, there is a lot of buzz going on about Redox Signaling Molecules which have been stabilized by ASEA and which have been having great results on Kathy’s skin and I think on mine too.  The concept is simple although the science is not.

Essentially we knew that within the cells of the body, there are many organelles which have various functions.  We know about the nucleus, of course, with the DNA and so forth.  Outside in the cytoplasm are other components.  One of these is the mitochondria which supplied the “energy” for the cell.  This energy came in two varieties, oxidative force and reductive force.  The thought was that if these were in balance the cell was relatively stable and healthy.  Disease happened when the oxidation gets out of balance either from within or without the cell.  Hence the theory that consumption of antioxidants by mouth would enter the circulation, enter the cells, and counteract this oxidation.

What about reduction?  Well the mitochondria produces reduction forces which also “counteract ” the oxidation.  The cell communicates within itself through what are named redox signaling molecules so that the oxidation or cell damage from whatever origin is taken care of.  Sometimes the cell is able to heal itself, sometimes the signal is for cellular death.  And these molecules can also signal a cohort of other cells to do the same thing or another action.   This is a simple explanation of what it’s all about.

ASEA Product Quickdraw from Amazing Molecules on Vimeo.

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