Follow The Leader

Find a Mentor

I have been lucky enough over the years to have had good, and great, mentors.  Some of them have been teachers.  The first memory I have is of my third grade teacher at St. Marys Grade School in Elm Grove, Wisconsin.  Mrs. Turner had a lasting impression on me and instilling curiosity and the desire to seek information on my own.  That has persisted to this day.  I evaluate, critically, everything from business to people.  That is a good thing as there is a lot of superfluous and superficial things out there that appear good at first glance but on close evaluation are fluff and appearance without substance.

Another teacher with something to remember and apply was Father Forey, S.J. at Marquette HS in Milwaukee.  I’ll always remember his expression, “Zero, Ping” which meant that you didn’t present or research convincingly enough to make the grade.  Do the work, put in the time and your best effort and the results are yours.  You deserve what you get or your getting zero, nada, zip!

In business, I’ve been blessed enough with great mentors, too.  In 1993, I learned about people like Napoleon Hill, Steven Covey, John Maxwell and others.  I read and evaluated Og Mandino books.  All of their teachings are timeless and available to those that I hope to mentor.

My Role as Mentor and Coach

To expose my training, to those I share with, is important. To succeed in this world will require all the same principals.  Dream, do, and teach.  That is my mission for others. I will use the technology of today to teach the principles of the past.

Continue Seeking Wisdom

There are some teachers and trainers that are significant in my life currently.  My business coach, Mark Januszewski, is willing to share with you as he has with me.  Next month he is directing the Master Key Master Mind Alliance and I encourage you all to evaluate and participate.  The experience will change your mind, propel your business, and put you into a leadership role to pass the wisdom on to generations to come.

Happy Anniversary

To Me

I took a look at my card, you know, TheBlueCashBackCard, that for over a year has been faithfully accumulating accounting units that represent all the shopping our family does.  Everything that we can possibly purchase through Lyoness, we buy through Lyoness.  I pay for my non-covered prescriptions at CVS, I fill my tank with BP, Chevron, or Mobil gasoline, I bought a used Mercedes to replace my aging Fusion, I booked a Disney Cruise for the family with Ecom Travel (LiLan is awesome), dined at Roys on Kauai, stayed in numerous motels when traveling to visit grandchildren, and so on.  Even paid for my Terminix, Starbucks, and Target and Walmart purchases. Yes,we spent a little this year, but this year the shopping was purposeful, contributed to a more viable planet through the affiliation with and made life a little better for children through the Child and Family Foundation. It doesn’t get any better than that.   Except that it does.  It does because of the help I’ve received in setting the program up to generate a long term legacy for my family.  Thanks Mark and Davene. And because I’m also sharing this concept with a few really good people. So Happy Anniversary to me from Lyoness.  And many more.

Course Correction

Not a dramatic change, but the vehicle is moving and the compass says that in order to reach the destination, corrections is needed. The first very obvious correction is my decision to attempt to obtain my Florida Medical License. There are a couple of very good reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that I miss the patient contact and the ability to help others. Also because of Post-Polio syndrome, I was on a downward spiral that appeared to be physically taking me down with it. I was shocked to be experiencing the sequence in reverse that I had worked so many years to pull myself literally out of bed, onto crutches, walk with and then without braces, and live a pretty normal life.
Suddenly, it seemed the progress had stopped and the body was moving backward. I quit because the active practice I had was literally killing me. My overall health was terrible, I was depressed about that and angry too. But once the pressures of solo medical practice had been relieved, I began to focus on my health.
I lost weight and began taking supplements. I got 7-8 hours of sleep nightly. And slowly I began to exercise and to gain back some of the function I felt had been lost forever.
Another reason that we moved away from Naples and went to Wisconsin was to take care of my and my wife’s parents. I think that God allowed me to retire so that we could do that. None of the other siblings could. They all had other responsibilities. I think that it was a blessing in disguise for me to get sick. It also was rewarded in my becoming well again. I feel once again that He wants me to do something with my medical license.
Early this spring, having moved back to SW FLorida, I started having folks recognize me and ask if I was back to open practice again. That was gratifying, but I knew from experience that doing the same thing again and hoping for different results was not the way to go. I didn’t want to start down the slippery slope of fatigue, weight gain, and disability again. But I did want to start looking into getting my license again and doing something good with it.
The FLorida Board of Medicine received my application in May and we’ve begun the process to see what they think of the idea. I hope they agree.
I would like to work in an area that is underserved and in which I’m familiar. And I don’t just mean geographically. The pettiness of the medical/political powers in SW FLorida is one which I have no desire to be involved. So fear not empire builders. This time I will not be challenging your windmills. Just leave me alone and let me help people.