Not Everything for Everyone

Many very good people out there with all the right components: they have a Dream, there are willing to change their lives in order to achieve their dreams, they will commit time and treasure, and they are coachable.
The only problem is that they haven’t seen the right opportunity.
I’m no more likely to be an Avon rep. than I am to sell Jewelry or Home Party products.
Look up them up on and you’ll see these and thousands of others.
I think that despite the concept from up line that you need to do one thing and do it well, that
having more than one bullet in your pistol gives you options without cross recruiting or encouraging
your prospect to join multiple things.
Just don’t compete against yourself.
By that I mean don’t pitch two nutritional companies. Don’t do Avon and Mary Kay.
But be willing to find your prospects needs, want, desires, and background and offer him the one
that appeals to him and coach him in the basics of network marketing. Connect him with the right
up line. And remember to follow-up and follow often.