A New Perspective

Whether it’s how you look at yourself in the mirror, or how another perceives your attempt to help them from making what you consider a mistake, the need to set back and examine oneself can be beneficial.
Recently, both examples have happened to me. In the mirror, I’m seeing very positive results from the Favao.com program. Down 33 pounds and feeling great about my physical appearance has come into conflict with a recent attempt to point out a possible red flag in another’s approach to network marketing. He rightly pointed out that what I did was challenge his attempt at due diligence and this was perceived badly. He and I both share a lot in common. Flying. A belief in God. A history with Amway. A recognition of the power of network marketing. The banter back and forth became personal and unproductive. For this I’m sorry. Nonetheless, it also was similar to looking in the mirror and learning to accept things for what they are and being willing to change the things that only you have control of…that is yourself. Myself.
Please accept my very public apology for what was a very personal wrong.