Colombian People

Having had the recent opportunity to meet a number of Colombian people here in this area, I have been refreshed by the contrast to our own “lazy” Americans. I would take a Colombian business partner over the average American in a heartbeat, not only because they used their ambition and desire for betterment to get here in the first place, but because they see the big picture, are willing to look at almost anything, and make up their own minds instead of listening to their friends and family, the Constantly Negative News media and others who pull them back into the gutter.
I welcome the privilege of working again in Colombia. Thank you.

Expanding into a new continent

The excitement continues as Xango enters the South American market with an opening of one of the hottest countries in network marketing, Colombia. With a team already actively recruiting, my partners and I are planning our support visits which begin next week. The corporate meeting begin in Bogota and Medellin and these lead up to a grand, but soft opening on March 15. All important functions are in place and bonus checks will start being paid on March 23.
Here is the first of many webinars:

Nothing like a Cruise

Spent the last week with a serious group of networkers having fun. We went on the Crown Princess from Fort Lauderdale and didn’t have any noroviral challenges this time around. Our partners, Ron and Marlene Brice have named this the the Xango Fever cruise and this was number VI. It’s amazing how much information you download by osmosis from being around people who have done it and are willing to share it.
The fun part included spending time with my sweetheart on Valentine’s Day without the challenges or concerns that have been part of our life this past year. We are positive when we encounter positive. This is really the Law of Attraction personified.
This is going to be a good year.


Do you think it’s safe to go back in the water? Heaven help us if this ship is the “typhoid Mary” of cruise ships and the darn viron rears up and smacks someone down again. Have done the norovirous once before and don’t want to do it again. But the reassurances are that two days of disinfection and we’ve got the cleanest ship in the Caribbean. We’ll see…
I’m really in need of a little R& R and I generally love this type of vacation so I’ve packed extra Juni hand sanitizer and a box of nitrile gloves and we board in about four hours. I was the only one of my rotation in pediatrics who didn’t get the gastroenteritis that dehydrated lots of kids back in Milwaukee. Great hand washing technique saved me then, but we don’t have the same iodine based cleansers at every sink here. Just gobs of hand sanitizer. And that didn’t work last year.
Sorry to go on but I am both looking forward to the vacation and fearing the virus. Time will tell.


Well, I got your attention didn’t I? But seriously. Yesterday Kathy looked in the mirror while getting ready to go to her water aerobics and said with her arms up in the air, “hey, check out these muscles!” And yes, she saw herself with the view I have seen changing as we work the Favao lifestyle reset. Both of us changing for the better. And that’s the point. Look at the person in the mirror and ask yourself if you are changing for the better? Whether it’s the physique or the attitude. Health is a constant striving for a better you. Just be sure to look at yourself with the bare naked truth. You can fool some of the people some of the time. But if you fool yourself, you are a fool yourself.